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Terms and Conditions

Web Design Terms and Conditions

  • The client must make the 50% Payment (advance) to start the project.
  • The client must bear in mind that no proposal is made without first having made the initial payment.
  • The client must fill out the brief (design questionnaire) completely and send all the requested information in order to start the design process.
  • The client agrees to send all the graphic information of their business (logo, images, etc.) in good resolution and source files for a better quality on their website.
  • It is important that the client answers all the fields of the brief in as much detail as possible, since from this the graphic proposal will be created.
  • After obtaining the duly completed brief within 5 business days, a design proposal in image format will be sent to the client for approval.
  • After the client gives his / her approval in the design, the project is considered APPROVED. Any extra modification will have a surcharge of 10% of the total cost.
  • Once the graphic proposal is approved, the web development of the site will proceed and this will last between 1 and 3 weeks.
  • In the case of a E-commerce, we will load a maximum of 4 categories and a maximum of 12 articles to show how the web will be structured.
  • A user manual will be sent in which you will learn how to upload the rest of your categories and items to your store and manage your stock.
  • If the client wishes that once the web is finished, we manage their stock and / or upload the rest of their items to the web, additional charges will be charged.
  • Once the project is finished, the client must make the remaining 50% payment to be able to deliver access to their website.
  • Once all accesses to your website have been delivered, the project is considered FINISHED. Any extra modifications will have additional charges.
  • In the event that we do not hear from you within a period of thirty (30) consecutive days, your project will be canceled without prior notice and without any refund.
  • If you want to reactivate the project (canceled), you will be charged the current price and you will have to make another additional advance to confirm the project.
  • Includes 1 month of technical support for your website.