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Welcome to Cordero Web. We are a web design and development company. We create corporate sites, blogs and virtual stores, custom software in the cloud, search engine positioning, corporate logos, business cards, illustrations, advertising images for social networks, website management and social network management.

Our goal is that you achieve and attract a greater number of customers through its website, without neglecting usability, good design and correct visualization on mobile devices.

Web design

Cordero Web makes your website possible easily and quickly.

We design your website with the latest technologies and standards, adapted to mobile and fully customized.

At Cordero Web we have created a unique package that meets the requirements for most of today’s websites. That is why we decided not to create additional plans. If you require more benefits, we can create a customized package to meet your needs

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Corporate Image

One of the most important things for a brand / company is its corporate image, because through it it will be recognized and remembered.

It is for this reason that Cordero Web is responsible for creating your corporate image according to the guidelines and requirements of your brand / company. We take your ideas and make them come true.

Advertising Design

Another important issue for your brand / company is having a good advertising design.

Cordero Web takes care of all the advertising design you need (business cards, flyers, banners and much more).

Request your personalized budget to know our prices and promotions.

Management of Social Networks

Cordero Web also offers you a package to boost your brand / company in social networks (constant publications, image design, creation of promotions and contests) in order to reach more customers and keep your followers happy.


Carlos Cordero

Web Developer / Founder

Génesis Núñez

Graphics / Advertising

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